How We Are Governed

FINISH Society is managed by its Governing Body (GB) headed currently by a retired senior bureaucrat and comprises of retired bureaucrats, development professionals and experts.

FINISH GB has taken over the responsibility of supervising program activities, interacting with state & central governments and expanding the scope and reach of the program. The GB meets at least once in three months. The FINISH project involves around 60 Public and private partners in 10 states of India, led by FINISH Society and WASTE.

FINISH Society- Governing Body :

Mr. Sadanand Bhave, IAS (Rtd), Chairman

(Former Secy. J&K Government and former Executive Director, GAIL)

Mr. Vijay Athreye, Founder member and Treasurer

(Former National Head Rural and Micro Insurance, Tata AIG Life Insurance Co Ltd)

Mr. Sahasranaman, IAS (Rtd), Member

(Former Chairman FINISH society and former Chief Secretary of J&K Government) .

Mr. Abhijit Banerji, Secretary

(Former East and North Zone Head Rural & Social, Tata AIG Life Insurance)

Mr. Saurabh Pandya, Member

(Former Head West Zone Rural & Social, TATA AIG Life Insurance)

Mr. Gopal Krishna, Member

(Former CGM, NABARD)

Mr. Saurabh Agnihotri, Member

(Former Regional Head Rajasthan for Rural and Social, TATA AIG Life)

Mr. Pradeep Mohanty, Member

(Former Regional Head Odisha for Rural and Social, TATA AIG Life)

Dr. Viju James, Member

(Founding Director, Pragmatix Research & Advisory Services Private Limited Life Member, Indian Society for Ecological Economics Managing Trustee, Dr. Josef James Memorial Charitable Trust Founder Member, Water & Environmental Sanitation Network of India (WES-Net India)

The Governing Body is aided by the Program Management Board (PMB) for supervising implementation of FINISH Project. The Program Management Board meets at least twice a year.

PMB comprises of retired bureaucrats, development professionals, global bankers, insurance personnel, independent experts etc. PMB provides broad guidelines, monitors implementation, reviews progress and makes course corrections as warranted for the FINISH Program.

FINISH Project-Program Management Board :

Mr. Valentin Post

(FINISH Program Management Board)

Mr. Vijay Athreye


Mr. A. Sahasranaman

(IAS (Rtd), Board Member )

Mr. Sadanand Bhave

(IAS (Rtd), Board Member )

Mr. Abhijit Banerji

(Programme Director )

Mr. Joydeep Roy

(Board Member )

Mr. Theo Brouwers

(ACTIAM, Board Member)

Dr. Britta Augsburg

(Board Member)

Mr. N.K Perumal

(Board Member)

Sarbani Bhattacharya

(Director financial services, KPMG Netherlands Dutch Trade & Investment Board India Working Group member)

Arun Ramanathan

(IAS (Rtd), Board Member)

Mukul Jaiswal

(Board Member)